Hearing & Dementia

Unfortunately, moderate to severe hearing loss is associated with the risk of becoming more likely to develop dementia later in life. Learn more about the correlation and how it can be prevented.

The Connection Between Hearing And Cognitive Function
Hearing impairment causes the brain to make changes that can lead to dementia. This is a natural progression as the loss of brain tissue is caused from inactivity. More specifically, brain shrinkage is one of the first traceable links of hearing loss and dementia.
A slow moving cognitive decline is normal for old age, although the speed of the decline iis what makes the difference for individuals with hearing loss. Over time, this creates issues with communication, comprehension, and balance.

When Social Isolation Triggers Become More Noticeable
Individuals experiencing hearing loss may develop anxiety related to their condition.Untreated hearing may lead to various mental health issues. Every individual has a different experience, but the process of dealing with the initial impairment should always be prioritized. The brain requires stimulation, even when parts of it are functioning at a lesser capacity. It is critical to address any situations where your loved one exhibits stunted social or isolated behavior.

Hearing Aids Are One Of Many Answers
Using hearing aids can prevent dementia. For this to be possible, hearing loss symptoms must be treated early. That requires being proactive with evaluations, tests, and treatments. Allowing a hearing issue to develop into a chronic issue can lead to dementia symptoms. Not only are hearing devices meant to improve hearing, but they serve as a way to restore a person’s lifestyle.

Are you concerned that your hearing isn’t as clear as it should be? Contact us today for a hearing evaluation and to determine if a treatment plan is necessary.


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