Brain Hearing

Communication is imperative to navigating daily life. With 3 main components of the ear, we outline how each part contributes to how sounds are received and sent.

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Find the answers you’re looking for related to hearing devices/aids or accessories, information about hearing loss, and more.

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Hearing & Dementia

Unfortunately, moderate to severe hearing loss is associated with the risk of becoming more likely to develop dementia later in life. Learn more about the correlation and how it can be prevented.

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What Is Tinnitus?

That ringing, buzzing or hissing feeling is often not caused by something in your environment, but rather caused by hearing loss or other health issues. Understand the symptoms, causes, and treatment options.

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Hearing Aid Guide

We understand it can be overwhelming when selecting and purchasing hearing devices, and we’re here to help. Learn tips and information to help you find the right hearing device for your individual needs.
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Degrees Of Hearing Loss

There are various degrees of hearing loss which affect people in different ways and can be mild to severe. When figuring out the best way to treat hearing loss, it’s important to understand the different degrees and severities.
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Untreated Hearing Loss Impacts

Outlined are the various effects that may occur with untreated hearing loss, and how to get help.
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Our Services

Hearing Aid Service

Thrive Hearing Solutions can repair and service many different makes and models of hearing aids.

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Hearing Aid Sales

Thrive Hearing Solutions provides a variety of amazing hearing aid brands for all our customers

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Hearing Evaluations

Hearing assessments are offered to adults and children school-aged and up.

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